A Tour of the Kitten to Cat Clinic

Waiting Room 1
Waiting Room 2

The waiting room where you’ll find tables and sofas to put your cat since they feel insecure when placed in unfamiliar environments at ground level. Feline pheromones are diffused into the atmosphere to calm patients down after a possibly stressful journey.


Our cages are specially designed for cats. Each one has a shelf to climb up on and are positioned to avoid eye contact with other cats that leads to stress. Cages are made out of a special material that reduces noise to keep stress levels down.

Salmon and Tuna Suites

The Salmon and Tuna suites are our luxury cages for longer stays. Guests are pampered every day with grooming and play time.

Prep Room

In the Prep Room patients are anaesthetised and prepped for surgery before being taken into the operating theatre, receive IV fluids and basic treatments such as injections, blood tests and more. This is where most of the non-surgical work is carried out.

Consult Room 1
Consult Room 2

In the consulting rooms, nurses and vets examine patients with their owners present to diagnose problems and ensure patients are recovering and responding to treatment. This is also where nurses clip claws, do weight checks and administer worming treatments.

Retail 4
Retail 4
Retail 1
Retail 2
Retail 3
Retail 6

We have an extensive retail section which includes fun toys for cats, gifts for owners, as well as all of the essentials like food, litter, combs and catnip.


The clinic is located at 297 Sandycombe Rd, Kew in the borough of Richmond, London. Zeta and the team undertook an extensive refurbishment to convert the old dry cleaners. The works included extending the property to the rear, converting the basement and completely re-doing the whole interior to make it cat friendly. Here are some “before and after” shots. You can find more photos of the construction on our Facebook Group.