Holistic Care at Kitten to Cat

Understanding the environment

Sometimes the root cause of a problem is not medical, so help us to get to know your cat better by being aware of:

Treacle with Wanda
  • your cat's diet, eating and toilet patterns
  • placement of litter trays and food
  • any changes in behaviour or circumstances
  • past medical history

Alternative treatments where possible

Before prescribing intrusive and sometimes expensive treatments we will explore all the alternatives. Some ailments such as joint disease and diabetes are able to be controlled through diet alone.

For some behavioural problems we will explore toys, pheromone treatment and other environmental changes as an alternative to medication.

Prevention not cure

We emphasise the importance of vaccination, worming and flea treatment, nutrition, dental checks and regular health checks. Simple lifestyle changes usually greatly reduce the need for unnecessary and expensive medical treatment later in life. The Kitten to Cat Health Club provides the basic preventative health care you need.

Early detection

Regular checkups are important because cats hide their pain and problems often go undetected longer than they should. Gum disease is a common example. Dog owners see their pet' s teeth every day and quickly detect bad breath. But when was the last time you checked your cat's mouth?

Luxury boarding

When you go away you cat should be seen at least once a day. An empty house, stale food and a dirty litter lead to stress, which can cause health problems. Kitten to Cat has luxury boarding facilities monitored by trained nursing staff.