Designed for Cats

Here are some of the ways Kitten to Cat has been designed to reduce the stress for cats and their owners.

The waiting room

Reception of the clinic.
  • Cat’s are stressed when placed in cages at ground level. Use the tables provided.
  • Notice there are no barking dogs?
  • Calming feline pheromones are pumped into the atmosphere
  • Air conditioned throughout
  • Comfy leather sofas and a unique “non-veterinary” feel to relax owners

Consultation rooms

  • Folding tables so nervous cats can be examined on the floor
  • Longer consultation times to put cats at ease and avoid rushed handling
  • Vets and nurses specially educated to handle cats, recognize and reduce stress

Prep room

  • Larger cages
  • Glass cage doors for added sound insulation for nervous patients
  • Cages positioned above floor level and to avoid eye contact between patients
  • Shelves in cages for patients to sit on or under depending on their preference
  • Cat friendly cleaning materials and protocols
  • Round the clock calming pheromones pumped into cage area
  • In-patients monitored by web-cam
  • Lots of human contact with playtime and grooming

Longer term in-patient boarding

  • Large floor to ceiling multi-story cages suitable for multiple cats
  • Monitored by web cam by owners and staff
  • Lots of human contact and play time

Operating Theater

  • Cat sized x-ray and operating table
  • More sensitive measuring instruments for smaller patients
Taking the blood pressure of a patient.