London Client Reviews

We receive lots of lovely feedback from our clients.  Here is a selection taken from various review sites on the Internet.  Feel free to send us feedback directly or connect with us at:

From Jessica on our Facebook Group

I'm so relieved that I took Lady and Duchess to Kittens to Cats. Time was taken over their assessment and I felt totally reassured when leaving. Wished I had gone there earlier. Thank you so much.


From Suzanne T via Email

I found Kitten to Cat online after recently moving to the area. I was nervous about taking my cats to a new vet, after having used their previous vet since they were kittens (recommended by the Cats Protection from where I got them from). The great reviews put my mind to rest so I thought I would add to them. 

The vets couldn’t have been nicer, there seemed to be no rush to get us in and out quickly. Everything was about making sure the girls were happy and relaxed. They were so relaxed they didn’t even notice their temperature being taken and the injections were over in painless (I think) second. As a relatively new first time owner of cats the vet gave me lots of tips about little changes I could make  at home that would make their new life as indoor cats a happier one. 

The vet made a suggestion of a change in diet rather than medication to help with one cats reoccurring upset tummy, I have followed the advice and everyone is happy and healthy without any expensive and unnecessary medication.

I couldn’t recommend Kitten to Cat more. 

From Rowena & Homer on our Facebook Group

Just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful care you have all given to my cat Homer recently. He has had to have all his teeth out, but the experience was far less stressful for him than his other vets, despite driving a round trip of 50 miles.  I really can't explain how lovely Kitten to Cat is. I...t's how all vets should be. It's like the difference between sunshine and rain. It's that politeness, understanding, feeling for cats, that only true cat lovers understand.

I would recommend Kitten to Cat wholeheartedly, and thank Nikki for taking the time to make ME feel welcome, relaxed and happy about leaving Homer in her care.

What a great Vet practice.

- Thank you Rowena and Homer

Excellent Vets

Bailey and I visited today and upon arrival with a cat covered in sick (bless she doesn't travel well) they took her from me and gave me a coffee whilst they cleaned her and her carrier. She was then allowed to roam around the room and was so happy Wanda couldn't her her hearbeat for the purring!! This from a cat who positively hates vets! Being new to the area, I was unsure which vet to use but highly recommend if you have a cat or kitten and you want expert, professional care from extremely competent and nice people, this is the place to go. Both Bailey and I are happy to go back and thanks to all today for being so good with my girl :-) 

- Michelle B on Touch Richmond


Five Stars

I have cats all my life and have been lucky enough to have had good experience with the vets I have used. When I moved to Richmond, I came across Kittten to Cat by chance. I have now been using it for over 2 years and every experience I've had has been positive. My cats belong to the 'fit club' and are regular visitors, have regular weight checks, dietry advice and also use the boarding facility.

All the staff are fabulous. They appear to adore all the cats that come through the door, they get to know them and understand them. I have great confidence in all the staff and would not hesitate to recommend the business to anyone who owns cats.

It is great to see staff who are so caring and interested in my cats. Along with this, they demonstrate expertise and are keen to educate. A highlight was the cat behavioural psychology talk that was undertaken at the hall opposite the clinic.

I have recommended it to other cat lovers and they have all said they would not go back to a standard vets.

- Angela66 on Qype


Nothing was ever too much trouble

What a wonderful place this is. I am so grateful to everyone at Kitten to Cat for the kindness and skill they have shown in nursing my cat Powder back to health. Nothing was ever too much trouble and the care they provided was amazing. Having thought I'd lost her ten days ago, I am now the owner of a very happy, constantly purring, little white fluff-ball! I would recommend this surgery to anyone who owns a cat without hesitation.

-- Danny & Powder from London

5 Stars on Qype 

Kitten to Cat is a brilliant vet for cats. They provide excellent advice just in case you're worried about your cat doing weird things (and don't laugh at you for asking silly questions). I'm sure that because they are cat only, it makes a visit to a vet less stressful as your cat wouldn't see or sense dogs around.

They diagnosed my cat Bolli of a urinary problem very quickly and gave him great follow up care after his operation.

Fantastic little touches like Xmas cards, texting of reminders of worming visits and brilliant free talks on animal behaviour & dealing with senior cat, in the hall across the road, also make Kitten to Cat worth registering with.

The vets & nurses are all cat owners too and have a very calming influence on the cats.

I can't say that Bolli loves going there, but once he's out of his carrier, he wanders around the consultation room quite happily, so I wonder what all the fuss is about. I'm sure if he could speak he'd also give Kitten to Cat a great rating!

-- AnnieMole & Bolli from London


5 stars on Qype

Kitten to Cat is an excellent cat-only veterinary surgery located in Kew Gardens. The surgery is designed to make the whole experience less stressful for cats and everything has been extremely well thought out, from the feliway sprayed throughout the surgery to the sofas in the waiting room designed so that your cat carrier can be placed off the ground, as cats feel safer higher up.

Both my cats are patients at Kitten to Cat and my Burmese loves visiting due to all the attention that the staff lavish on her. You can tell that all the vets are cat-lovers and that makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. My Maine Coon has stayed in the cattery on a few occasions and for a cat that can't abide being brushed, she always comes back looking extremely well groomed with her nails perfectly trimmed. Little touches, like the Christmas cards, health club and handmade reminders to book your cats in for a booster make this vets a touch above all the rest and after using them I could never ever go back to all animals vet!

-- EmKonstantine from London on Qype 

5 Stars on Qype


Smoky has been on numerous trips as she is quite poorly I came to cat to kitten for a second opinion as a sound diagnosis had not yet been made! It is the only time smoky has been completely calm and happy even when they took her temperature! After a discussion with the vet she explained possible causes and smoky will be going back soon for tests! I am very happy not only with how they interacted with smoky but also how they interact with clients of the human variety too! They helped set my mind at ease about my cat's health and eased my concern over getting a second opinion!

Everything at this practice has been designed with cats in mind from the sofa's where your cat can sit next to you, to the felliway plug in's throughout the surgery and the array of cats toys on sale!

Over all I would highly recommend this vets. and by the sounds of smoky's purrs while there I assume she does too!

-- lucynelson from London on Qype 

Kitty Vet Purrfection

nullBoth my hubby and I are extremely chuffed with Zeta and the Kitten to Cat practice. We've had all 3 of our kittypooh's at Zeta and can highly recommend her and her team! She is so gentle and truly does talk to the cats to reassure them that all is going to be okay (despite the nasty needles or eye drops!). Our little girl, Gypsy, tries to hide in the crook of Zeta's arm while we are chatting away. Zeta definitely has a special and calming way about her which I have never seen in other of our previous vets before (we recently moved into the area). If you have a kitty that needs attention, Kitten to Cat is definitely the place to go!

-- Tess B & Gypsy from London on Tipped


Purrfect treatment!

I took my British Blue to Kitten to Cat after she'd had a stressful experience at another clinic. My cat actually fell asleep in the examination room which I think says it all. Recently my cat had to stay at the surgery for almost a week; when I collected her she was totally happy and relaxed - alongside her treatment I suspect she'd been given high doses of love!

-- Tuesday M from Hounslow on Touch Local


All I can say is.... 

...all you have to do is walk in the door and you will experience how great this practice is. Highly trained, informative and passionate, my cats actually relax when they get there! We wouldn't go anywhere else (and neither would our two boys!)... 

- Siobhan K from Kew on Touch Local


Safe and Sound in South Africa

I just want to say thank you for all the great care & attention my kitties Shaka & Mika received these past few months. Just to let you all know that they (we!)'ve finally arrived in sunny South Africa safe and sound. They were pretty exhausted after the 25 hour journey but have settled right in and are totally chilled...

-- Antonet, Shaka & Mila now from South Africa on our Facebook Group


The couch is safe again!

Just a quick message to say thank you for looking after Bella while we got away for a quick break. Also thanks for the advice about changing her scratching habbits. It worked and our couch is safe once more!

-- Steve, Cath & Bella from West London


Cat only vet lovely surgery 

great to find this feline only vets near my area. they have a clean modern cat freindly surgery full of cute cat things, their staff are cat mad. No dogs to annoy the cats and so calm tranquill surroundings to take your cats to. well recommeneded!

-- from London on Tipped


5 Stars on Qype 

Our cat is a patient at Kitten to Cat, I can 100% recommend them, dedicated team, a great surgery!

-- Ms_S from London on Qype 


Short & Sweet from our Facebook Group

Hey, Thanks for all the help with Penguin today! You were great! -- Tarjinda & Penguin

I took my senior kitty to have his dental at Kitten to Cat, best vets EVER!! - N

My favourite vet practice! - Naomi

Hi,I just want to say thank you for the consultations and I am really looking forward for the next visit with Tappy, see you soon :) 

- Alicja M & Tappy from London


Via Twitter @kittentocat...

Must say that @kittentocat have been brilliant Cautious, friendly, honest & informative to me & treatment for Bolli spot on.Thank you ladies - @anniemole


From our recent anonymous client sruvey...

I think you're a fantastic vets and am truly grateful I found you.  Would recommend you to everyone  - H from West London

All staff really great and friendly and helpful. Brilliant service - Anon

All the staff we have ever dealt with have without exception been great ... even though we may see different vets there is always continuity of care  - M from London

Cannot see how anything could be improved.  All the staff give a superb service and in our experience make every cat and their humans feel special - Mrs B from Kew

Brilliant staff and service - C from Richmond