Getting a Pet Passport 

The Pet Passport scheme allows the entry of your cat to all members of the European Union (except Sweden).  Our vets are Official Veterinarians approved to carry out vaccinations and tests required by DEFRA for a passport.

Rules for pet travel vary by country and change all the time, so please check the DEFRA website, the embassy of your destination country and your airline since all will have specific requirements for travel. 

Cat emerging from a red suitcase

N.B. It is important to make arrangements at least 7 months before you travel as some countries may require at least 6 months of vaccination records in order to qualify for a passport.

Does quarantine still exist?

Yes. If you do not have a valid Pet Passport then you will need to undergo a period of 6 months quarantine. It is essential that clients ensure that all documentation is valid and correct to ensure they have a valid Pet Passport to avoid quarantine.

Are there any other diseases you should worry about?

Yes. The requirements of the Pet Passport are designed to prevent certain diseases (especially rabies) being introduced to the UK, rather than preventing your cat from becoming ill itself. There are some serious life-threatening diseases that are common in Europe. Please speak to one of our vets well before travelling for advice on treatments that can help protect your pet while abroad.

Where can I get further information?

See the DEFRA Website or call us and we will guide you through the process.