Treating Cats for Fleas & Worms

What can fleas do to my cat?

Flea bites cause discomfort and irritation

Many cats become sensitised to flea bites which leads to intense itchiness, and severe self-inflicted trauma

Fleas carry the larval stage of the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum, thus cats can become infested when they eat the fleas when they over groom as they are itchy.

Fleas might also be brought into the home by other animals and even us, so we recommend flea treatment for indoors cats.

How can I control the flea problem?

Kitten scratching

We have found that many non prescription preparations simply do not work well enough to achieve effective flea control

It is practically impossible to prevent an outdoors cat coming into contact with fleas so regular treatments are necessary to control the problem and prevent a build-up within the home

Effective flea control may involve using a combination of products. These attack both the adult flea stage on your cats AND the immature stages within the home.



Flea Control

Fleas breed throughout the year in centrally heated homes. Therefore it is important to maintain a flea control programme throughout the year treating both the environment and the cat.


Spot on applications such as FRONTLINE COMBO are applied on the skin in the neck region and quickly kills fleas. 

Environmental Control

Environmental control is important in treating your cat as only 5% of the flea population within your house are adult and living on your cat, the rest of the population is made up of eggs, larvae and pupae. We have spray products within the clinic that are easy to use and need only be sprayed in the house ONCE every year.


At certain times of the year, cats can pick up ticks especially in sheep or deer areas. We recommend physical removal of the tick with a special device, and treatment with FRONTLINEā„¢.

Key Points About Fleas and Worms

  • All cats may pick up fleas
  • Fleas are present all year round
  • Your house may provide a supply of developing fleas to attack your cat
  • Fleas are a health hazard to you and your cat
  • Effective control may involve the use of a combination of products